Welcome To DonHull.com

Welcome to DonHull.com and “Pursuit”

“Pursuit” identifies the spirit in which DonHull.com is available free to friends everywhere. “Pursuit” describers the never-ending quest to always be about the business of individual, spiritual, and professional striving for excellence. It is what your author seeks to be intentional about every day of his life.

DonHull.com is a web site for friends who are intentional about pursuing excellence in leadership, personal growth, character and influence, and about making a positive difference in the lives of people around them.

DonHull.com acts as a sort of “food court” if you’ve looking for ideas, fresh insights, new links, suggested articles to read, and essays which the author writes about. The range of interests will be very broad, and you may choose what benefits you:

  • Leadership—skills, personal integrity, communication, influence, etc.
  • Personal Character Development
  • Individual Influence and Legacy
  • Personal Spiritual Growth and Excellence
  • Journaling
  • “This worked for me” Feature
  • Vocabulary improvement; great quotes; examples and illustrations; even poetry!

Realizing he can never “pay back” countless people who have made contributions to his life—spiritually, personally, and professionally—this web site is your author’s attempt to “pay forward” by allowing visitors to DonHull.com to drop in on, and hopefully benefit from, what he has been reading and gleaning, seeing, hearing, and learning. Your author will attempt to be a collector, curator, and sharer of high quality ideas and information that hopefully are of personal value to you.

DonHull.com acts like a non-profit educational entity with a singular purpose: the research, discovery, instruction, and sharing of free information deemed profitable by the interested reader. We sell no products or services, keep no mailing lists, and generate no profit. There are no customers, members, or subscribers.