If Mountains Could Talk

The haunting beauty of the Great Smokies, the gentle fells of England’s Lake District that
captured Wordsworth’s heart, the forbidding crags of Scotland’s Highlands, the rugged ffffRockies mountains inspire and sometimes intimidate us. Why did God create mountains, and how does he use them to be present in our lives and communicate with us.┬áIn the Psalms, David sees that nature speaks all the time about the wonder, majesty, and glory of the great creator God. With mountains leading the way, everything in our universe eagerly awaits the opportunity to tell us about our amazing creator. Like God, mountains are unmovable and unchanging, giving us a perspective on what’s truly important. They remain steadfast in a world cluttered with cell phones, computers, busy schedules, and bad news from seemingly every corner.

Journey with Don Hull as he explores what else God reveals to us about himself through mountains. Even if you can’t actually scale a peak, you can discover the kinds of insights and instructions that await us if only we will open our hearts to these glorious monuments of God’s creation. Mountains invite us to explore, climb, grow, play, rest, and find comfort. Let them challenge you and draw you closer to God.

About the Author

Dr. Don M. Hull is an adjunct professor living in Norman, Oklahoma. He served twenty years as a Christian educator and church business administrator for Southern Baptist churches and spent ten years in Christian radio and television work. In addition to articles and essays, he is the author of The Story of My Lives (2008) and Lofty Feelings (2009).

A Customer Preview by Randy Thurman on March 13, 2011


The author blends mountains and the philosophy of life into thought provoking chapters. Meant to be read a chapter at a time and then ponder what was said. All chapters are worthy but his chapters Come Climb, Come Grow and Come Play are truly outstanding. For those who like to grow and think, a highly recommended read.

More info:

The author served as a Christian educator for over twenty years. He takes his knowledge and intertwines his love of mountains into several chapters on life. His chapters include Come Home, Come Learn, Come Explore, Come Play, Come Find Peace, Come Climb, Come Grow, Come Back, and has a discussion guide in the back that can be used for classroom or Sunday School study.

The reader will find the book thought provoking, but my guess is some chapters will strike chords, some won’t. For me, Come Play, Come Grow and Come Learn were especially helpful and stretched my brain.

For example, a few Come Grow pearls:

“Aspire to be someone better than you’ve ever been before. Come. Grow inside, where it really counts. Enlarge your character, your virtue, and your goodness. . . . Don’t merely set your sights on the summit; you must look beyond it.”

“What looks like a straight-up climb often isn’t”

“There is a remarkable similarity between climbing a mountain and living one’s life with intention”

“Our choices are simple. One can either turn around and go back where we came from (which usually isn’t much of an option), or he must make the difficult choice of going over, going around, going under, or going through the immovable.”

“There is no place in mountain climbing for the half hearted or the ambivalent”

The book is meant to read in chunks, or chapters. Not really designed to be read cover to cover. For those who like to think and grow, a highly recommended read.

Bibliographic information

Title If Mountains Could Talk: What Would They Say?
Author Don M. Hull Ph. D.
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Self-Help / Motivational & Inspirational